Posted by: Melissa | January 26, 2010

Fun with wine corks

Since we got married, Ryan and I have saved every cork from every bottle of wine we’ve opened in our house, whether we drank it or we drank it with friends while entertaining. Now, our collection of corks is overflowing. I saw this idea in an Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine this past fall. You order the metal portion and add your own corks. (I ordered them from What a great hostess gift, holiday gift, or do-it-yourself idea for your own home! I ordered a bunch of these before the holidays and gave some for Christmas gifts. And I kept a couple for us, of course!

The metal base for the trivet comes in a box, and you just need eight corks to make the trivet. Make sure to use real corks and not the plastic ones.

Here’s what the metal base of the trivet looks like.

After gathering eight corks, simply screw each one onto the trivet. I found that it worked best to screw in the end of the cork that hadn’t originally been used to open the bottle of wine. I’m not that great at screwing a wine bottle opener straight into a cork to open a bottle of wine, so a lot of my corks were crooked if I followed that same path to screw in the trivet. By flipping the cork over and screwing in the other side, you have a new path to make the trivet straight!

After you screw in all the corks, if the trivet doesn’t sit flat when you put it down on a table, you can easily bend the metal spokes a little to make it flat and ready for your pot or hot dish to sit on top.

And here’s the finished wine cork trivet! What a great way to reuse those wine corks!

For this one, the one I made for our house, I used seven corks from wine from the winery we went to in Italy a couple of years ago. The wine is Chianti Classico, which is my favorite red wine, and the winery is Castello D’Albola. We can only find one store where we live that sells this label, so we generally buy a case at a time in hopes that it will keep selling and they’ll keep it in stock! The eighth cork is from a bottle we bought on that same trip when we were in Cinque Terre. It’s a good way to remember our Italy trip when we pull out this trivet.

These are the Castello D’Albola corks…

And here is the one from Cinque Terre.

Doesn’t it look great under our newest LeCreuset pot?

I know, lots of photos of the pot, but I LOVE LeCreuset! My dad and step-mom gave us this, our fourth, LeCreuset piece for Christmas.

These corks are fun and easy to make, and the trivet base itself makes a wonderful gift!

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