Posted by: Melissa | September 17, 2011

Weekly baby photo project: 21 weeks

I’m behind again on posting… big time! I have a lot of thoughts to record and things that we’ve been up to to share, but for now, here’s Logan’s weekly photo from last week. She’s been eating rice cereal for a couple of weeks. She was doing well with the process of putting the spoon into her mouth, but she just didn’t seem interested in the taste. I don’t blame her. So, we gave her carrots for the first time on Friday, September 9. At first, she didn’t know what was going into her mouth. But after just a few spoonfuls of carrots drooling down her cheeks, she started reaching out for the spoon and helping me get it in her mouth! So to honor her first day of eating solid foods, we added a baby spoon to this photo. She almost looks like she’s playing the flute too. Maybe we have a future musician here? Ok, more coming soon…

Here’s Logan at 21 weeks old on September 8, 2011…

Ryan and I are taking weekly photos of Logan until she turns one, and then we’ll compile them into a photo book so we can document how she changes and grows over her first year. Want to see how Logan changes each week? All of her weekly photos are compiled here.

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  1. Looking cute!

  2. Love this blog. Love your Logan stories and even though I don’t know you, I love reading everything from your daily routine, and the things you do as a family. Hope you’ll update soon again. Take care and all the best to you and your fam!

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