Posted by: Melissa | September 5, 2011

Weekly baby photo project: 20 weeks

Logan is excited for the start of Gamecock football this week! We did a little garnet and black in the photo to show our school spirit for our first game against East Carolina on Sept. 3. Go Cocks!!!

At daycare this week, Logan really started playing in the jumper and we could tell she learned how to jump when she’d be sitting in her exersaucer at our house and would start jumping up and down. The jumper is in the nursery II class, and she’s only in nursery I, so they let her go to that room and play in it sometimes. Her legs are CRAZY strong. And she’s almost sitting up on her own this week… she’s so close! She definitely can sit supported, as you can tell in this photo.

We backed off on the rice cereal this week because Logan developed some dry skin patches on her back. It doesn’t fit the description of eczema completely, so we were worried she might be having a reaction to the rice cereal. We don’t think that’s it, but we wanted to make sure she got over her cold (which she did) and stop the rice cereal just in case. She’s completely eating her bottles of 5 1/2 ounces, so we are increasing the amount to 6 ounces just so she doesn’t run out and still feel hungry. Ryan usually makes her bottles, and it’s about 2 oz. of formula (we’re using Similac), and the rest is my milk. Ryan feels like all he does is make and wash bottles! He’s such a wonderful husband and father, and I’m so, so lucky to have him in my life.

The next few weeks are going to be crazy for me at work, and I’m hoping that Logan will understand if I work late many nights and don’t see her before she goes to bed. It makes me feel awful, but I know she’s too young to realize, and I am thankful that Ryan is there to support me and take care of her. After, Sept. 25, I WILL post much more often!

Here’s Logan at 20 weeks on September 1, 2011.

Ryan and I are taking weekly photos of Logan until she turns one, and then we’ll compile them into a photo book so we can document how she changes and grows over her first year. Want to see how Logan changes each week? All of her weekly photos are compiled here.


  1. Look at those rosy cheeks!

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