Posted by: Melissa | August 20, 2011

Weekly baby photo project: 17 weeks

This week marks the first of a new look to our weekly photos. Now that Logan is able to sit up with support, she HATES to be on her back, which I’ve mentioned several times before. As a result, she’s constantly rolling over as we take these photos. And it’s hard to get her to smile since she doesn’t want to be on her back. So, we’re trying a new idea. We’re going to drape the fabric over a chair in our den and she can sit up for the photos. It’s not as crisp of a look as the ones on her back, but I’d rather have her happy and giving us good expressions! Her face in this photo is hilarious! Look at that sweet little hand in the air… and those cute chunky legs! I could just kiss those chubby cheeks all day! (Everyone says Logan looks just like Ryan, but I can see a resemblance to a bunch of my baby photos in this picture of her!)

Here’s Logan at 17 weeks on August 11, 2011.

Ryan and I are taking weekly photos of Logan until she turns one, and then we’ll compile them into a photo book so we can document how she changes and grows over her first year. Want to see how Logan changes each week? All of her weekly photos are compiled here.

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  1. So So cute! That expression seems to be saying, Watch out Mom & Dad, here I come…

  2. She’s growing so much! And she does look a little like you here!

    • Thank you!!!

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